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Organising a

  • birthday party? 
  • corporate event?  
  • social function?

Need a magician, a juggler or even a whole lot of circus talents but prefer one who's a cut above the rest?

Check out H the Juggling Magician!

Whether searching for a stage, a forefront or a roving juggler / magician for children or adults, you've come to the right place - oops, we mean, page!



              Knives Juggler

H the Juggling Magician is circus-trained!   

Multi-talented, he's a...


  • High-Skill Juggler
  • Classic Magician
  • Football Juggler
  • Balloon-Twister
  • Kung-Fu Master



  • Escape Artist
  • Sword-Swallower
  • Hacky Sack Player
  • Mentalist
  • Etc.

                        High-Skill Juggler

Be awed by H the Juggling Magician's reputation as a splendid juggler of balls, clubs, knives & yes, even fire.

His juggling of clubs in single, double or triple spins while flowing under the legs, behind the back or over the head, can only thrill! Also, ...





...with these props landing on H the Juggling Magician 's feet and been flipped back into the air again, it's no wonder he's Singapore's best juggler - & magician!

Having defied the laws of gravity & logic for more than a decade, you can say juggler & magician is his middle name!


                             Magician of Magicians

A children's party? A corporate event? Or even a senior citizens' function, etc? H the Juggling Magician tailors his magic acts accordingly & sometimes even fusing them just so everyone has a ball of time of eh, well, MAGIC!


                  Awesome Football Juggler



Treat your guests too to an award-winning performance of skillful manipulation of everyone's all-time favourite : FOOTBALL! 

If they think they've seen talent, wait till they see H the Juggling Magician juggling a football the Ronaldo way!


Humour, laughter, suspense, admiration, etc. is one thing but nothing beats passing on tangibles to the kids at a birthday party or event like beautiful balloon sculptures :- teddy bears, puppies, swords, guns, elephants, giraffes, hats, helicopters, etc.! Count H the Juggling Magician to do this superb-ly!

And for the ladies :  flowers or flower-bracelets !

                       Inspirational Kung-Fu !



Lo and behold, a little something different, for the uncles & the aunties in the audience - KungFu!

Accompanied by inspirational Chinese Martial Arts music, H the Juggling Magician will surely take their breath away...!

                    Entertainment for ALL !

Talk about entertainment, what a way to treat your guests to a magnificent event when engaging H the Juggling Magician


  • private parties
  • corporate bodies
  • RCs
  • CCs
  • condominiums
  • schools
  • etc.

have enjoyed his shows tremendously in their

  • birthday party
  • Family Day
  • block party
  • community events
  • social gathering
  • assemblies
  • etc.








So, be it large or small, book your next birthday party or event with H The Juggling Magician. Your audience will love it. You, the organiser, too...

In short, the circus has comto town when engaging his shows even other performers talk about!

With a 100% satisfaction, money-back guaranteeH the Juggling Magician ensures that his high-energy, infectious act will be a hit at your party. Contact us today to create a unique entertainment event your guests will always remember.


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the Juggling Magician

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